What is spontaneous media?

Rotas Comunicação - What is spontaneous media?

One of the goals of the press office is spontaneous media generation. But it is common for non-sector people to ask, “What does that mean?” Nowadays, with the Internet and sponsored publications, there may be confusion about the difference between press office with advertising agency work. They are two distinct and complementary works.
In the case of sponsored publications, the company pays for a space in the communication channel. This paid content is written according to the interest of the advertiser which does not necessarily mean that it has journalistic value. In some cases, the company may even sponsor informational content that somehow highlights a brand or a product. And this should be done transparently, making it clear to the reader that the story is a pay post or a branded content, for example. However, in the press office work there is no commercial link in the articles published in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. They are not paid articles. They are spontaneous articles. Thus, the press office must have the necessary knowledge to identify which actions and events related to a company fit the criteria of “news” so it is possible to offer the journalist a suggestion relevant to his channel, his editorial and to the readers.

The press office is the link between the company and the press, which will disseminate the information to the public if it is of interest (journalistic). The press officer, who – here at Rotas Comunicação – is also a journalist, identifies what may be (spontaneous) news and presents it to the press. Results are obtained when the actions of the company, journalists and target audience are aligned with their common interests.

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