Rotas Comunicação - Digital Media

Digital Media


Digital marketing has, in recent years, become an important investment channel for companies and a relevant source of research for users at the time of purchase. Consulting product reviews, comments, and details are some of the resources found on the Internet before making in-store or e-commerce sales.

Content plays a key role in this process. With proper language for each product, service, target audience and channel and with a focus on metrics, Rotas Comunicação develops and manages content for social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others. Page actions, visualization, reach and engagement are some of the insights tracked by the staff for periodic customer presentations.


Custom content for blogs, eBooks, infographics, and others is critical to attract and engage a company’s customer network on the Internet. Based on in-depth knowledge of the company’s target audience, Rotas Comunicação develops valuable and relevant content for audience formation. The texts are produced by journalists and focused on business generation.

Boutique-style, Rotas Comunicação holds regular meetings to define with the customer the strategy and the content organization, with make up the sales funnel and the definition of keywords. Also are discussed the best channels to reach the target audience, attract new visitors to the site, supply leads with business-related data and drive sales.