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Rotas Comunicação - Social medias and business

Why is it better for your company to hire journalists to develop social media content? Because these professionals are specialized in writing for audiences of different profiles. For example, when writing for a neighbourhood newspaper. The journalist understands that the language and the content must be directed, mainly, to the people who live in that location. They know what type of content to look for, how to filter the best information and also structure the text according to the channel and the characteristics of its readers.

The same applies to a social media page. The difference is that it deals with information about a company, product, public person or service, usually for its customers and potential consumers, in addition to “brand lovers”.

Remember: to have social media and generate business, the content should not necessarily be beautiful for you, but it must be shaped in a way that attracts and informs those who buy your product.

In this way, it is essential the content and language are appropriated for the channel to be successful, to obtain engagement from those who are intended to reach in addition to contribute maintaining and developing the brand in the market. There are also those who think that the number of people who enjoy a particular social page is directly proportional to its success. It can, in cases, fit into this situation, but in a strategic and institutional way. However, for the generation and promotion of business, the quality of the target audience to be reached through social media is crucial. Thus, knowing how to filter the type of people and using the best tools for a campaign or action, for example, are very effective, together with the kind and quality of content / image and the language format.

Other elements widely used by companies in social media are advertisements. Use them with caution! It is important to understand, first of all, the main purpose of social media. In the case of pages like Instagram and Facebook, they were created, in essence, to serve as a friends network. And what do friends post? They share moments, trips and special get-togethers, items they enjoy (from clothes to thoughts), ideologies, and so on. They don’t post (at least it’s rare to see) ads for their experiences.

In the business case, although the ads are very effective at certain times, it is important to remember the essence of these channels: humanization. There are also, of course, the techniques behind these media for better use, the monitoring of new technologies, the elements that arise at all times and strategies such as: activities, actions and events involving, for example, influencers, and impactful actions that connect with your audience.

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