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As a child, I loved to hear life stories, been inspired by them, and write about cases. I was fascinated by papers, pens, diaries and all the tools of that time that could “carry” something interesting to anyone. But the tools have changed. Computers, tablets, smartphones, watches and even glasses, along with the internet and integrated super powered systems, streamline the information process between people, between worlds.

But regardless of what tool we use, what stands out, what is the star of all this innovative system we live in is exactly the same passion as when I was a child. Yes, the content (photos, texts, videos, audios…), which is placed inside these super tools to generate the magic of communication. The “magic” of informing diverse audiences and being clearly interpreted. The magic of being able to contribute by bringing knowledge, information, entertainment and suggestions to the press and, consequently, to various audiences. Have you ever stopped to think that without CONTENT this whole system, highly technological and accelerated, would be empty?

And inspired by this childhood passion, combined with studies and diverse experiences, came ROTAS COMUNICAÇÃO agency. A company with such energy that it has attracted incredible and equally specialized and passionate people who lovingly play their roles with ethics, responsibility, knowledge and commitment to all involved. I cannot deny that since 1998 it has been challenging to maintain a company specialized in what is not tangible: the content.

But we have maintained our stance, demonstrating the importance of well-targeted language for the companies and the press. And so, with great pride, Rotas Comunicação has become a reference in content generation and press relations. We have become a boutique agency because we value every detail of communication, from service attendance to press approach. And now, with immense satisfaction, we are in new phase represented by this new website, social medias, new brand, new outfit.

These new tools are now the cover of what we love most: COMMUNICATION.

Thank you so much to all involved. Clients, suppliers, press, marketing professionals, all, that direct or indirect (that even without knowing) followed us.

And we follow our work here, in love and happy with our new channels to surprise day by day.

Kind regards,

Larissa Andrade Amaral

Rotas Comunicação.

Photo: Pixabay